Friday, 18 March 2011

'Paul' Movie Review

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the duo who brought us the likes of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, have teamed up again in an unsuspected combination of genres, a road trip and sci-fi spoof movie.

Paul, a film about a trash-talking alien, is exactly what you would expect from the well-known duo. They play Graeme and Clive, a couple of comic-book geeks from Britain who love American comic culture.

Whilst touring the USA’s big comic-conventions and conspiracy hotspots they unintentionally pick up fugitive and alien on the run, Paul, voiced by Seth Rogen. Paul is outlandish and down to earth, unlike his human counterparts, and he has no trouble persuading the pair to aid his escape from the federal agents tracking him down.

This film is a sci-fi spoof and has plenty of easy laughs, which makes for entertaining viewing. Pegg and Frost have created another cult epic – obviously aimed at the comic devouring and sci-fi loving fan base. It is a ‘no-brainer’ why this made it to the big screen.

Whilst it may not set any trends in the way their previous collaborations have Paul does have a loveable outlook and some entertaining one-liners, but possibly lacks as many laughs as the previous Pegg and Frost creations. Their phenomenal hit Shaun of the Dead was responsible for the zom-com outburst in 2004, and whilst Paul is a lacklustre follow-up to such success, it is easy viewing that passes an hour and a half without regret.

Perhaps with the direction change from British director Edgar Wright to American comedy director Greg Mottola – famous for directing Superbad – it’s not pure Pegg and Frost we all know and love. The general tone of this film has lost the subtle British touch of their previous blockbusters. If we were eating curry, Paul would be Korma, mild and easy to sit through.

- Sam Oxley

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