Thursday, 19 May 2011

Comic Guru's Top 25 Featured Comic - Wonder Woman

One year after the execution of Maxwell Lord and the earth-shattering events of INFINITE CRISIS, the DCU is still struggling to come to terms with its most powerful heroine. Is she a martyr or a murderer? A politician or a super hero? Writer Allan Heinberg (Young Avengers, JLA, TV's The O.C. and Sex and the City) and artists Terry & Rachel Dodson (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, Harley Quinn) provide surprising answers, giving Wonder Woman a fresh, sexy look and a bold new direction!

The series begins with the multi-part "Who is Wonder Woman?" story arc, paying homage to the character's distinguished history while placing her firmly in the present with an all-new supporting cast, a brand-new mission, and a renewed sense of wonder. A treat for longtime fans and a perfect jumping-on point for new readers, Wonder Woman #1 features the icon you know and love as you've never seen her before!

After the Infinite Crisis, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman decide to go their own ways. Wonder Woman has disappeared for a whole year and before she goes, she asks Donna Troy if she can take over the mantle of Wonder Woman. Donna wears a new costume, similar to Diana's costume but more armour and learns of a terrorist attack. The terrorists there are holding Steve Trevor hostage and demand to see Wonder Woman. However, Donna tells Steel, who is apart of the Department of Metahuman Affairs that she is Wonder Woman now.

Inside the building, Donna confronts Cheetah, who is human now but has the power to control cheetahs and Giganta. Donna fights off a couple cheetahs. Donna saves Steve but they are then trapped in a park. Cheetah then uses Donna's sword to kill her, but just before she can, a lasso wraps the sword and is pulled from Cheetah's hand. Donna is surprised and relieved to see Diana, but this time, she wants to kill Cheetah once and for all. Donna tries to stop her and pushes her away from Cheetah. Diana then uses Donna's sword and puts it through her stomach. Donna falls and the image of Diana fades, with Doctor Psycho appearing. It has been an illusion all this time!

The villains then plan to use Donna as a lure to bring out Diana. However, Steve Trevor had escaped and returns to the Department of Metahuman Affairs. He removes his disguise and it turns out to be Nemesis. He tells Sarge Steel that he must save Donna, just not on his own. Sarge Steel introduces Diana Prince, wearing a white jumpsuit and smiling.

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