Thursday, 5 April 2012

Doctor Who meets STAR TREK!

Doctor Who / Star Trek!

So Captain Picard and the Doctor walk into a bar… well it could happen now with the crossover that could have Trekkies and Whovians wetting themselves with anticipation. From IDW comes StarTrek and Doctor Who… where Amy meets Data, where Rory meets Picard, where the TARDIS meets the Enterprise. The first issue displaying the Enterprise chasing the TARDIS through the time vortex. This officially licensed crossover has the Cybermen teaming up with their copycats, err… new partners, the Borg, to try and take over the universe. Assimilation squared. 

We are currently taking pre-orders in store and online due to the huge demand. We will also be receiving a limited number of variants, so make sure to grab them if you're a collector of amazing artwork from the Whovian/Trekkie universes for this, the first ever Doctor Who crossover with another sci-fi entity, in which the Next Generation meets the 11th Doctor.

Personally? I'm excited to read the lines "Doctor's log, star date..."

E-Mail us, phone us, tweet us or pop in store and pre-order now for this, sure to be amazing series!

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