Thursday, 7 April 2011

Comic Guru's Top 25 Featured Comic - The Amazing Spiderman

After the tragic death of Ben Riley, the resurrection of Aunt May and the return of the Green Goblin, Spiderman's world was rocked by John Byrne, Howard Mackie, John Romita Junior and the inestimable J Michael Straczynski.

Launched with a new number one issue to mark the start of a grand new era, Spiderman slowly began to bestride the comics world like the colossus he is. Redefining his origin for a new generation, Straczynski has revitalised Spiderman turning him into a Top Ten Sales Juggernaut by putting good solid plotting and genuine character development in place of gimmicry and hyperbole.

With Brand New Day beginning a newly creative storytelling experience back to the title, that in itself is being wiped away as Peter and Mary Jane strip away damage caused by Mephisto. This could be the year that true love conquers all in Amazing Spiderman.

Read it, it's great.

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