Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Comic Guru's Top 25 Featured Comic - Fantastic Four

Volume 3 was launched at the start of a new age for Marvel Comics. Scott Lobdel and Alan Davis came together to create the first three issues of this series which took place straight after the Fantastic Four return to the regular Marvel Universe after their return from the ersatz Earth created to save their life by Franklin Richards their son.

Onslaught created an impact that shattered the cosy world of the Marvel Universe forcing creators and readers alike to embrace change and drama on a scale heretofore unseen.

Character development followed that would shake the foundations of the team and has lead to J Michael Straczynski (award winning writer of Babylon 5, Jeremiah and Amazing Spiderman) developing some of the most interesting changes to characters and situations within the FF's history.

Sci Fi Fantasy and adventure has never been more intriguing. Read this book, it's good. And Civil War has already started crumbling the walls of the FF's world. Could it see their family shattered forever? It begins with Sue's death.... How many more sacrifices will have to be made?

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