Sunday, 30 October 2011

FVC - The Avengers Sweded

As some of you may be aware, the first official trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie has recently been released. Having watched it approximately 500 times since I dropped, I can assure you all that it looks 25 different flavours of awesome and has left me counting down the seconds to the theatrical release. Yep, I loves me some superheroes. But I loves me some parody even more.

The idea behind ‘sweding’ (a term lifted from the Jack Black/Mos Def film ‘Be Kind, Rewind’) is taking films or TV shows and remaking them on a microscopic budget. Part homage and part lambast, many classic properties have felt the sweder’s wrath over the past few years. Today’s Friday Video Club is a perfect shot for shot remake of the Avengers trailer made using cardboard, toys and a whole lot of love. Check it out.

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