Friday, 7 October 2011

FVC - Walking Dead web series

Ahead of the premiere of season two of the fantastic comic adaptation The Walking dead on October 21st, producers NBC have released a web series focusing on the origins of one of the best known zombies of the series, a walker known to fans of the series as ‘bicycle girl’. This festering sack of decaying flesh is one of the first zombies Rick Grimes actually manages to get a close look at after he wakes from his coma, a moment when he realises that the creatures he first assumed were monsters are in fact humans who have been unwillingly reanimated after death.

This mini series focuses on the events preceding the girl’s zombification, showing us her futile attempts to escape the carnage with her young family. All the episodes are on but as we’re outside the USA we are forced to use Youtube for our viewing pleasure. Below is the link to episode one, and if you check out the official Comic Guru channel you will find the other five.

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