Thursday, 26 January 2012



2012; the year of the apocalypse! And it's cooler than that, because it's the year of the ZOMBIE apocalypse, and it's happening everywhere, even in South Wales… where, this fantastic 5 part comic is set!

Stiffs, from Dead Star Publishing and the writer of 'The Pride' tells the story of one man in a zombie apocalypse in South Wales… one man, and his monkey. But this book is not one of doom and gloom, far from it, there are moments of sheer hilarity, wittiness and plot twists which demand you read more.

The characters are a good group of Welsh folk, and undead Welshmen and Welshladies… oh, and a monkey. Did I mention our monkey friend Kenny McMonkey? The pot smoking, "brains" (no pun intended) of the operation and best friend of our lead character who is, you guessed it, a zombie hunter. Not even Planet of the Apes offers you a zombie hunting, pot smoking, sass talking, ├╝ber cool monkey like Kenny. This book is easily one of our most looked forward to releases in the comic book world, and from a fantastic independent company, what more could you want!?

We're excited to announce we will be having an in store signing for this fantastic independent comic in the very near future, so please keep an eye on our blog here, or through or YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or website for more information.

Pre orders available through soon! E-mail for more information, or tweet us your questions @TheComicGuru.

-Adam Roach

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Joe Glass said...

Umm, it's worth noting that I'm just a co-writer here, and the other writers are PJ Montgomery and Drew Davies