Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Comic Guru's Featured Comic - The Infinite

Chances are the first word anyone will associate with Robert Kirkman is 'zombies'. Following his success with both the Marvel Zombies series and award winning comic The Walking Dead, you could forgive Kirkman for resting on his undead laurels. But with The Infinite he is moving away from the realms of the moving corpse and onto much more scifi flavoured fare.

Published by Image comics, The Infinite tells the story of Bowen, a freedom fighter who has seen civilization fall to Imperius, a time travelling megalomaniac who has used his powers to bring the world under his heel. With the war seemingly lost, Bowen acquires the time travel technology and has come back in time to enlist the aid of his 19-year-old self, in order to prevent the war he lost and the horrors of what he's lived through coming to pass. The Infinite is illustrated by long time Image cohort Rob Liefeld, whose 'Gun Show' art style works in this futuristic warzone.

While it is too early to say whether The Infinite is going to be a success, the early signs appear good. In a lesser writer's hand the story could too easily slip into another stereotypical macho mess, but Kirkman's knack for focusing on the characters means this is definitely one to watch in the coming months.

The Infinite #1 is available now from Comic Guru.

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