Thursday, 25 August 2011

Exclusive interview with Garth Ennis

For the past 15 years Garth Ennis has been considered one of the top comic writing talents in the industry. The multiple Eisner award winner has had a slew of hits, from his highly successful runs on Marvel's Punisher franchise and DC's Hellblazer to his own creations such as The Boys, Hitman and Preacher.
So it is with great thanks to the guys over at Talk Comix that we can bring you an exclusive interview with the man himself. During the 25 minute session Ennis discusses his interests in war and how it has affected his writing, as well as his future projects and the potential for movie versions of The Boys and Preacher.
As a huge Ennis fan I found these interviews fascinating, as it gives you an insight into how he approaches writing and what drives him as a creator. So if you're a fan of the man himself, a particular story or just a comic fan in general I can't think of a better way to spend the next 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Part one -

Part two -

Part three -

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