Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'Seeker' signing September 3rd

For many horror fans, the past couple of years have been a dark (no pun intended) time for the vampire myth. The likes of the Twilight saga and The Vampire Diaries have turned everyone's favourite bloodsuckers into a collection of mopey emo kids who spend all their time pining moodily after dog faced school girls. But Andy Frankham-Allen is leading the fight back against this wave of brooding pretty boys with his new book Seeker, and Comic Guru is proud to announce that Andy will be our guest this Saturday as part of our continuing 8th anniversary countdown celebrations.

Seeker is set in primarily in Southend and follows the exploits of Willem Townsend, a London based entrepreneur who, feeling shackled by the mundane routine of his own life, embarks on a relationship with a mysterious stranger he meets over the internet. But after arranging to meet him Will and those closest to him are thrown into a world where not everything is as it seems.

Seeker is the first book of the Garden Saga series, and its potent mix of thriller, mystery and horror already has critics buzzing. And if that isn't enough for you Andy is a Cardiff based writer, meaning you will again be support local talent by coming along and joining us at Comic Guru from midday onwards.

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