Sunday, 4 March 2012

Deadpool... DEAD!?

With part three of Deadpool: DEAD coming out VERY soon, I thought it appropriate to review the entire story arch of my favourite schitzo, Wade Wilson.

The current story arc has seen Deadpool go from literally atoms after being punched by an enraged Hulk, to being in a mental institution in England, where his doctor fell in love with him and kept severed parts of Deadpool past in a fridge, which eventually turned into… Evil Deadpool. Yes, a MORE evil, psychotic, unkillable merc with a deformed mouth… except this one died, from a dart to the neck from a mysterious source. Deadpool wants this serum, not to kill mutants or threaten the Earth… but to finally DIE.

Will he die? Will he finally get his big date with his girlfriend, Death? Will Hydra Bob finally never have to worry about being shot in the leg ever again? And what will the Uncanny X-Force do without their resident psychopath!? Find out in part 3 of 3 of Deadpool: DEAD.

(all available in store and online)

-Adam Roach

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Doctor Deadpool said...

I used to be a HYDRA agent like you once, but then I took a bullet to the knee.

Anyway, I do think Deadpool is going to die next issue, given the cover. Which begs the question- what will the two issues after this #52 be about?