Thursday, 29 March 2012

The END of Deadpool Max 2!?

With the end of it's fabulous run, tonight we review the glorious Deadpool Max. Volume 2. The series that has just now ended and completely in stock is quite possibly Deadpool (& company)'s most insane, explicit, not-safe-for-work (NSFW, for us internet types) series ever! The sequel to the equally mental Deadpool Max.

The series follows Wade Wilson and his cohort of many years, Bob, as he discovers a government conspiracy and attempts to stop it. Having set out to do this, they are in turn accused of killing 250,000 people… so now 7,000,000,000 (our Earth's population now) want THEM dead. Having become world's most wanted terrorists 1 & 2 they aim to stay alive and clear their good… err… their names. But with the world after you, and you look like Deadpool… where can you hide!? Blind Al (who isn't blind) and Weasel even make appearances! The whole gang in this 6 issue + Christmas Special run!

We currently have all issues of Deadpool Max 2 in stock, all at cover price and 20% off for members. So if you want to pick up the entire run of the insanity of Deadpool Max 2, well… just like Hydra Bob, overweight on a scooter (issue 3), it's right there!


The Series: Deadpool Max 2, the entire run!

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