Saturday, 10 March 2012

Star Wars 3D review

For those of us who were too young too appreciate, not born yet or just love this iconic series so much, the re-introduction of Star Wars to our movie screens is more than welcomed, it's anticipated. But the only reason it is… 3D.

I've been to see Star Wars episode one, three times in 3D so far and I feel that's enough to judge this movie in what people are calling the newest 'fad' of 3D. The truth is, adding 3D to a non-3D filmed movie is hard. The dimensions are not quite right and it certainly wasn't filmed to take advantage of the 3D filming, however Star Wars, I feel, has done a good job. Although it doesn't add anything to the experience (except darkening the screen a bit more), it doesn't detract from the film either. The acting from the young Anikin is still awful and Jar Jar, if anything, is just that bit more annoying, but the movie makes up for that with it's amazing special effects, which, if you remember, were amazing for 1999, and almost 15 years later, are still amazing.

However, if you're going to see these movies for the same reason I am, which is to see and enjoy them all on the big screen once again (and because I'm young, for the first time in regards to IV, V and VI) then do what I do… buy some 2D glasses so you can enjoy it properly.

-Adam Roach

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