Saturday, 31 March 2012

Torchwood: ARCHIVES


After the recent Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff bay, opposite the fountain we all know as 'the hub', we, as the Doctor Who speciality shop that we are, have plenty of interesting, cool, old, new and generally fantastic items for every Whovian! So, for all of you spinoff lovers, we present the Torchwood archives! With only two left in stock, we wanted to let our loyal Guruvians know before they're all gone.

This hardcover provides an in-depth background on the history of Torchwood, from it's foundation by Queen Victoria herself in 1879, the Torchwood personnel, numerous case files on the extra-terrestrial, which go in depth on alien tech and species. And of course, it provides information on that pesky rift that runs through our fair city of Cardiff. It's a full colour hardback, complete with original illustrations. It is a perfect and essential guide for all Torchwood fans.

Outside the police, beyond the United Nations. The Torchwood: Case Files is everything you could have ever wanted to know about Torchwood.

£14.99 each

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