Thursday, 15 September 2011

Friday Video Club - Dr Strange

In the 1970s Marvel comics released a slew of live action films and pilots featuring some of their biggest products. While many people will remember Lou Ferrigno’s turn as the Hulk or the cringe inducing Spiderman series, there were a few efforts which slipped under the radar. One of these was the 1978 Dr Strange TV movie, a title which only ever saw rental release in this country. Starring Peter Hooten, Jessica Walters and John Mills, the film was heralded for its grounded take on the Dr Strange tale (given the fantastical subject matter) and features a surprisingly good soundtrack.

Below is the link for the entire film. The copy quality is pretty good but it is subtitled in Portuguese. I hope you enjoy the film as much as Comic Guru’s own Kristian Barry, who has been pushing for me to post this video since I started!

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Anonymous said...

What about the unofficial "doctor mordrid" with Jeffrey Combs. The studio couldn't acquire the licence for Dr. Strange so they made that gem of a masterpiece.