Sunday, 18 September 2011

This Week In Geek (19/09/2011)

Given the hectic nature of the modern human, it’s natural that things will slip through the net from time to time. Appointments, meetings and anniversaries are all common dates that can slip the mind and lead to unwanted aggravation (and in the case of the anniversary, actual physical pain). So with that in mind, Comic Guru is proud to announce its latest feature ‘This Week In Geek’!

Each week we will scan the release schedules and bring you a few choice dates to mark in your diaries. DVD, films, comics and video games will all be covered, as well as any events in the Cardiff area that we think might take your fancy. So grab your planners and start noting these dates!

Monday 19th

Attack the Block (DVD)

- Joe Cornish’s horror comedy Attack the Block is released on DVD and Blu Ray

A town called Eureka (DVD)

- One of America’s premier scifi shows which is now on its fifth season stateside. Check out season four of the Emmy nominated series on DVD from today

Tuesday 20th

Gears of War 3 (Video Game)

- The final instalment of the award winning Gears of War trilogy is released today for Xbox 360.

Wednesday 21st

Latest DC reboot titles (Comics)

- This week’s batch of new DC releases see Batman, Birds of Prey and the Green Lantern make their comic ‘debuts’

The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker #3 (Comics)

-The latest chapter in the back story of Billy Butcher, the Boys’ violent and enigmatic leader.

Friday 23rd

Jurassic Park (Cinema)

- To coincide with the release of the Jurassic Park trilogy Blu Ray box set on October 24th Cineworld are giving you the chance to relive the magic of the first JP film on the big screen. The run is only for two weeks so catch it while you can.

Saturday 24th

Dexter’s Half Dozen signing @ Comic Guru (Event)

- Head on down to Comic Guru in Cardiff and attend our signing with DHD creators Jamie Lambert and Dave Clifford. The signing starts at 12pm, but the full back catalogue is on sale in store if you want to come down sooner.

Doctor Who (TV)

- The Doctor pays a farewell visit to his old friend, Craig, but somewhere close, the Cybermen are waiting... Tardis based high jinks on BBC1 at 7.10pm

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