Tuesday, 13 September 2011

From The Vault - X factor

This week’s From The Vault sees us pulling out a slice of mutant based loveliness in the form of Marvel’s X Factor series. Debuting in 1986, the original X Factor line up consisted of the same members as the original X men (Angel, Beast, Iceman, Cyclops and Jean Grey), who formed X factor after Magneto took over leadership of the X men. The series was much darker than we had seen in previous X men stories, featuring storylines such as Angel’s attempted suicide following the loss of his wings. The series was also famous for the first appearance of Apocalypse, who would go on to become one of the best known comic villains of all time.

Comic Guru currently has a near full run of the first 80 issues in stock, including issue 1 and issue 6 (first appearance of Apocalypse), as well as a variety of other issues. Feel free to hop on over to the Comic Guru website to check out the full back catalogue, as well as seeing what other goodies we have in stock. Alternatively take a trip down to Wood Street and see us in person.


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