Tuesday, 27 September 2011

From The Vault - Halo Figurines

Deviating from tradition a little with this week’s From The Vault, we turn our attention not to comics but to collectables. Comic Guru has a wide selection of T-shirts, badges, statues and figurines in stock from a range of franchises, and any scifi or comic fan worth his salt is bound to find something they like. One such franchise is Halo, and we are proud to introduce a range of figurines depicting some of the most memorable characters in the universe.

Released in honour of the Halo Anniversary video game on November 15th, the Halo Anniversary figurines are 5 high quality models made by the good people over at Macfarlane’s Toys. In addition to series protagonist Master Chief the series also includes the Chiefs’ AI companion Cortana (with light up base), ODST trooper Dutch, Covenant turncoat Arbiter and an alien Grunt. All figures are approximately 5 inches tall and are priced at £12.99. With the game’s release fast approaching we are expecting these to sell out fast so if you’re interested in owning a collectable from this video game phenomenon head on over to the Comic Guru site or store as soon as you can.


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