Tuesday, 20 September 2011

From The Vault - Spiderman No More

When people think of deaths in comic books, they tend to do so with tongues firmly in cheek. Despite giving a guaranteed boost in sales major publishers are often unwilling to kill off major money makers, meaning any character that is killed off is likely to return to life within a few issues. While this has been the norm for a number of years, it appears Marvel comics are now looking to buck the trend. Following the death of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, the big M recently decided that, in order to relaunch their Ultimates line, Peter Parker must give up the mantle of Spiderman in a fairly terminal fashion. What followed was a story arc that resonated beyond comic fans and into the mass media. Now, with the Ultimates reboot well underway, this is the ideal opportunity to go back and relive the shocking events that lead to the untimely death of everyone’s favourite wall crawler.

Comic Guru currently has all six issues of this story in stock, including variant covers on the first three issues. In addition we also have an exclusive San Diego Comic Con issue one variant that you will hard pressed to find anywhere else. But if Spidey isn’t your thing then head over to the website and check out our full back catalogue. There’s a good chance you’ll find something you like!


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